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Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas

Orthodox Christian History in America Begins in Colonial Virginia in 1738

The Society for Orthodox History in the Americas published what it called “first glimpse of … the most exciting research currently being done on the subject of American Orthodox history.” This article by Nicholas Chapman begins below. To read more, visit the full article on the SOCHA website.

It will come as a surprise to many, if not all Orthodox Christians in America, to learn that the story of their Church here begins not in 1794 but in 1738. Not in Russian Alaska, but rather British Virginia. Furthermore, what began in 1738 was not a mere blip on the radar, a passing moment of no historical import. Otherwise, how could it be that the daughter of a man described as “renowned in early Virginia history” (Annette Gordon-Reed: The Hemingses of Monticello) would write to President Thomas Jefferson early in his second term of office (Aug 27, 1805) “With the blessing of God I am now in good health, and with my priest’s blessing and command who is the Rev. Mr. Smirnov.”

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