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The Greek Church in England: Parliamentary Petition of Bishop Anastasius in 1658

Philip Ludwell III was received into Orthodoxy at the Russian Church in London in 1738. This parish had begun in 1716 following the prolonged visit to England of a delegation from the Patriarchate of Alexandria led by Metropolitan Arsenius of Thebes. But it seems that he was not the first Bishop of his Church to want to come to England with a delegation.

A Parliamentary minute of March 16,1658 (from the time of the Commonwealth when England was ruled by the “Lord Protector” Oliver Cromwell following the regicide of King Charles I), shows an application to the “Committee for the Approbation of Public Preachers” by one Bishop Anastasius Cominus of the Alexandrian Church. The mercantile connections between London and Alexandria were very strong at this time and there is much work that could be done to learn more about the religious interchange this also facilitated.

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