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Rev Fr Yakov Smirnov priest Russian Orthodox Church London

William Marsden’s Copy of Ludwell’s 1762 Translation of “The Orthodox Confession”

In 1762 Philip Ludwell’s translation of “The Orthodox Confession,” a catechism, was published in London, most probably in an edition of 300 copies. Recently, this extant copy came to our attention. It was given as a gift by Fr James Smirnov, Rector of the Greek Church (Russian Orthodox Church) in London to William Marsden.

Marsden was elected to the Council of the Royal Society in London on December 1, 1789, together with John Paradise, Philip Ludwell’s son-in-law and parishioner of Fr James Smirnov. Marsden went on to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Navy in the British government and in this role was the person who received the news of the death of Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

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