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News and research on the life, community, and worldview of Colonel Philip Ludwell III.
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The Orthodox Repose of Philip Ludwell III: A Timeline of His Last Months

For two decades starting in 1740, Philip Ludwell III lived in the colony of Virginia as perhaps the only Eastern Orthodox convert in America. Despite the lack of a sacramental life, he appeared to be diligent in the practice of his faith, having translated numerous Orthodox divine services and writings into English. This timeline depicts the events of Ludwell’s lifetime compared to events in America, Europe, and the Orthodox world.

In 1760, Ludwell sailed to London with his three daughters, perhaps in part so they could all be chrismated into the Orthodox Church – an event that occurred during Holy Week 1762 at the Orthodox parish in London.

From extant correspondence of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in the early 1760s, it is apparent that Ludwell’s health was failing in London. By late 1766, the records of the Orthodox church in London make it clear that he was so ill that he had to receive communion at his home. In the end, Ludwell faced his earthly repose as an Orthodox Christian, with the full rites available to him.

This graphic illustrates Ludwell’s last days and months before his repose. Feel free to share or post online as you wish.

infographic - the orthodox christian last days and death of philip ludwell III

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