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book gift from Philip Ludwell III to daughter Hannah 1759

Gift from “Papa” Philip Ludwell to Daughter Hannah in 1759: Book on Orthodox Practice

Here is a page from a book in Philip Ludwell III’s library that was published in 1718. The detailed information about Orthodox practice is remarkable. As you can see he passed the book to his elder daughter Hannah in 1759, just over a year before they moved from Virginia to London. Hannah was received into the Orthodox Church in London in 1762 together with her two younger sisters.

book gift from Philip Ludwell III to daughter HannahIt appears that Ludwell diligently studied the Eastern Fathers of the Church, reading in both Latin and Greek in order to deepen his Orthodox faith and practice. At some point in the 1750s, while living in his native Virginia, he embarked upon an English translation of the “Orthodox Confession of the Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Church”, composed in 1640 by the Orthodox Bishop Metropolitan Peter Mogila of Kiev. Ludwell dedicated his translation to “the devout Christian reader.” One copy of this book is located in Michigan, and was possibly obtained in the state of Maryland by the family who now possesses it.

In addition to this, he translated the liturgies of the Eastern Orthodox Church, including the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.